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Building Services

Air-conditioning System
Central chilled water air-conditioning system
Central chiller plant supplying chilled water
2 nos AHUs per floor
Internal Zone Office
Green Mark requirement indoor temperature between
22.5 C-25 C; relative humidity <70%
Electrical System
4 nos 22kV Service Feeders from PowerGrid
Separate busduct riser acting as standby
Power Load Density


Office Floors
Trading Floors
Landlord’s Emergency Generator
1 no 1,000kVA & 2 nos 1,500kVA generators
Emergency Load for tenant provided at 30% of the normal load
Office Lighting
500 Lux
Telecommunications provided inside the riser on every floor Dual MDF rooms
Dual telecom feeds. 2 nos 25 pair block terminal in
Telecommunications riser
Security System
Integrated security management
Card access via turnstiles in the main lobby
24-hr CCTV monitoring in all access areas
Fire Protection System, wet riser system, hosereels and portable fire extinguishers
Fully addressable fire alarm system, automatic sprinkler system
Plumbing & Sanitation System
Potable water tap-off points provided on all floors
for tenants
Floor traps provision on all office floors for
tenants’ pantries
Spare Riser
1 no Electrical and ELV riser
Provision for Tenants’ Own Infrastructure
3 nos spare spaces at North Podium’s roof for tenant’s
own generators; 1,000 kVA each
Space provision for future tenant 2 nos 50RT on air cooled chiller
2 spare plinth for future tenant transformer 1,000kVA each at B1
Carpark System
Full ERP Electronic Carpark Guiding System
Toilets per floor (except level 33 and level 34)
Male: 2 cubicles, 2 urinals
Female: 5 cubicles (High and Low zone)
Handicap Toilet: 1
Shower Room: 1
Actual number of toilet facilities may differ from floor to floor
Knocked-out Panel
1 no installed on selected floors for inter-floor access
External Finishes
Glazed curtain wall system
Lift Lobby Finishes
Floor – Natural stone flooring
Wall – Natural stone cladding
Ceiling – Suspended metal ceiling